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The Perfecting Illuminating Fluid - Light Beige 01

How to Use

Custom application! The completely adjustable Perfecting Illuminating Fluid allows for a range of different application techniques. It lends itself equally to a choice of fingertips, brush or sponge application on cleansed and moisturised skin. Fingertips : Step 1 : Dab the product onto specific zones of the face (forehead, cheeks, chin). Step 2 : Use the fingertips to blend in the product, working from the inside to the outside of the face up to the neck and ears to avoid tide marks. Flat brush : Step 1 : Place the product on the back of the hand and blend it in with the brush. Step 2 : For an even result work on each side of the face, one after the other (right and left). Step 3 : Start from the centre of the face and then sweep the product outwards, up to the neck and ears. Eponge : Step 1: Moisten the wide part of the sponge, then add the desired amount of product. Step 2 : Apply the product onto specific zones of the face (forehead, cheeks, chin). Step 3 : Dab the entire face to make sure the product has been evenly spread, not forgetting the neck and ears. Step 4 : Then use the thin part of the sponge to perfect the sides of the nose and to hide imperfections.

Main Benefits

Lierac Laboratories worked closely with a make-up artist specialising in nude effects in order to create the ideal formula for the Perfecting Illuminating Fluid. Nude effect means a regular skin texture, plumpness, and blurred imperfections, all of which are offered by the unique formula of the Perfecting Illuminating Fluid. Bridging skincare and make-up, its new-generation texture neutralises complexion flaws while smoothing and plumping the skin. Quick and easy to apply, the texture melts into the skin leaving a powdery finish and an instant professional effect. Its nude results bring an even, natural glow with a texture that adapts to all skin types. A hybrid halfway between a foundation and a tinted cream, Perfecting Illuminating Fluid is matt enough to not require powder but radiant enough to reveal glowing skin. Say yes to illuminating skincare make-up with the Perfecting Illuminating Fluid! SPF20 protection Available in four shades to suit most skin tones, dosed with the highest possible pigment concentration for an undetectable second-skin effect : 01 Light Beige 02 Nude Beige 03 Gold Beige 04 Bronze Beige

Key Ingredients

A duo of active ingredients give an expert formula that blends skincare and make-up: + Pro-crystallin: Innovation With repeated applications, it helps to reveal a more beautiful skin tone! It reveals a rosier radiance, with fewer olive or beige shades. Its secret: It stimulates the synthesis of α-crystallin, a protein that stops the complexion from becoming dull and helps to correct the colour. + Hyalu-3: Lierac's signature active ingredient This complex of hyaluronic acids acts on the skin's surface and deep-down: - Immediate smoothing action on the surface; High molecular weight hyaluronic acid - Deep plumping action; Micro-encapsulated hyaluronic acid - Lasting filling action; Natural hyaluronic acid stimulating extract Skin radiates from the outside; plump, smooth and ever more moisturised!