Retractable tempered glass nail file

KWD 3.360

LiMaX 6 nail files in 1, fibreglass

KWD 1.320

Manicure nail buffer

KWD 0.780

Fibreglass nail file

KWD 0.780

Fibreglass quadruple nail file

KWD 0.840

Professional nail buffer

KWD 1.800

Nail file and buffer

KWD 1.800

Nail clipper with file, chromeplated

KWD 0.600

Cuticle cutter & nail file

KWD 2.580

Manicure nail clipper with catcher

KWD 0.900

Manicure cuticles, chromeplated

KWD 5.040

Manicure nails curved, stainless steel

KWD 5.040