Cushion brush, nylon filaments

KWD 1.500

Cushion brush, nylon pins with protective tip

KWD 1.800

Cushion brush for kids

KWD 2.340

Professional nail buffer

KWD 1.800

Silicone toe separator

KWD 1.200

Ceramic pedicure file

KWD 2.400

BettY BroW Tweezers with brush

KWD 2.580

Stainless steel tweezers, with grip

KWD 1.680

Chromeplated tweezers

KWD 1.920

Fine-tooth comb, anti-nits

KWD 0.600

Detangling comb

KWD 1.320

oooh!!! Macro mirror with suction cups

KWD 2.640