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PHYTOLIUM+, the anti-hair loss duo for men for the first signs of thinning

93% natural, this high tech formula focuses on the essential: to fight against premature aging of the hair bulb and boost its resistance to free radical-induced stress, while stimulating microcirculation for an optimal supply of nutrients to the roots, and providing perfectly gentle action on the scalp without stripping the pH, thanks to shiitake extract and vitamin B3. 

Main Benefits

Protected hair capital
84% of hair in the growth phase*
Decrease in daily hair loss: 89%**

Reinforced hair structure 
The diameter of the hair fiber is larger
74%  found their hair to be more resistant**

“I noticed that I am losing less hair”:
“When brushing: 85%”** 
“After shampooing: 87%”**
“On my pillow and clothing: 89%”**

How to Use

PHYTOLIUM+ is to be used every two days for 6 weeks. Shake and apply by section to dry or damp scalp. Massage to make the product penetrate. No rinse. 1 graduation mark = 1 dose. A 3-month treatment is recommended for boosted effectiveness.

Key Ingredients

Shiitake Extract* 
Referred to as the ""elixir of long life"", this adaptogenic mushroom used in the traditional Chinese medicine boasts a high concentration of beneficial nutrients, known for stimulating the immune system. The Phytosolba Laboratories** have highlighted the role of the shiitake mushroom in inhibiting hair loss, thanks its dual antioxidant and revascularization action.

* 2 registered patents for the active ingredient 
** 1 international scientific publication : Chapelle A. et al. Biological properties biological properties of shiitake extract contribute to reduction of age-related changes in the skin and hair condition and fat metabolism. IFSCC Magazine 2. 2017

Vitamin B3
Vitamin essential for energy production: the 2nd most important in terms of need, yet it is not stored by the body.
A genuine booster, it works synergistically with shiitake to increase its anti-hair loss propertues. It also helps improve the barrier function of the scalp for a better anchoring of the follicle and therefore recreates an environment conductive to growth.

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