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Energizing lotion for all types of hair loss

How to Use

Apply 6 sprays all over the dry or damp hair every day. Vigorously massage to work in the product. Finish off by applying 2 to 3 sprays on the lengths. No need to rinse. Ideal as a post anti-hair loss treatment, it can also be used as a complement for an instant effect.

Main Benefits

This energizing non-oily lotion immediately restores the force and vigor of your hair. Enriched with Tulip extract for better rooting of the hair, the lotion provides a favorable environment for stronger hair. Its active texture coats the fiber from the root to give body to the hair.Immediately after application, the hair is re-energized. It is stronger and easier to style. The hair gains extra volume. A real boost!

Key Ingredients

Tulip extract Globularia Stem Cells Horsetail extraction